Manchester United Methodist Church

What do United Methodists Believe?

We are a people of diversity. We believe:

-        in God's grace.  Grace is the beautiful free gift of God's love for every person. It is love you cannot work to gain but only accept and share.

-        in the dignity and responsibility of all persons.  All persons are our sisters and brothers, and we work to bring them to the love of Christ, and to bring about justice & equality.

-        in conversion and new birth.  A change does happen in people if they turn away from selfishness and sin and experience the love of Christ.

-        faith & good works belong together.  John Wesley called people to action born out of a heart aflame with Christ's love.

-        in a connectional and an ecumenical church of Christians that are bound together, sharing insights and resources to reach all for Christ.

Decisions are done after consultation with four different guides:

1.      Scripture - The Bible is not a rule book, but does tell us who we are, who God is, and also who we are supposed to be. Life is a gift from God, to be lived wisely and with joy

2.      Tradition - what did Church people who came before you do and learn?

3.      Experience - What does your experience tell you? How have past events & decisions turned out?

4.      Reason - Use your mind. Think decisions through for yourself. You are the one who will have to answer

At the Manchester Methodist Church, our Mission Statement and Vision:

Mission:  Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Vision:  Know Christ; Invite Christ; Serve Christ; Share Christ.